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Specialize in the production of liqueurs and spirits, with a tradition of more than 20 years. Liqueurs Rives range consist of 9 different flavors, with the best variety: Love Amaretto, Cinnamon Rosseta, Apple Green, Wild Mora, Peach, Toast Hazelnut, Fresh Mint, Triple sec and Herbal liqueur. All products made with fruit and natural ingredients. An ideal range for combined premium, or to enjoy as a perfect aperitif.


A rigorous selection of green apples and careful distillation in copper still, is the basis for the elaboration of this liqueur, nice look and familiar taste, soft green that invites you to drink it. Ideal to drink very cold, at any time of the day or night.

Alcohol 15%


Liqueur made by combine macerating fresh berries and natural, high quality alcohol. Liqueur is obtained fresh, creamy and very mild flavor. The bouquet is round and pleasant thanks to the freshness of the fruit, with a powerful aroma of wild blackberry. Ideal for drink it cold or to give a touch of color to you cocktails.

Alcohol 15%.


Premium liquor obtained from the distillation of spirits of the highest quality, and a mixture of sweet and bitter oranges from Seville. Using a traditional procedure whose original formula dates back to 1880. Velvety aroma with notes of orange peel very present, very nice floral bouquet. Its flavor is mild with an aromatic body dominated by citrus notes and delicate notes of cinnamon at the end.

Awarded the silver Medal Mention in the category liqueurs, at the international Wine & Spirits 2010.

Alcohol: 38%.


Premium liqueur made from the distillation of high quality spirits distilled twice, with a base of bitter almonds, almond origin of its name in italian, and a small sample of apricots. With a very distinctive bouquet, which mingles the sweetness of apricots and bitter almonds, toasted caramel with notes at the end. On the nose aromas of almond and vanilla mingles. Light fruity touch of apricot.

It's ideal to take it with ice at any time of the day, typically after meals, and increasingly used as an ingredient in cocktails.

Alcohol: 20%.


Premium Liqueur achieved by performing a slow maceration of high quality alcohol distilled twice cinnamon, Pink suit. In bouquet is soft and very pleasing to the palate with sweet notes of cinnamon, which also can be seen in a very intense aroma. How to take: very cold with crush ice or employed in the embodiment of cocktails.

Alcohol: 20%.


Excellent liqueur made from a selection of peaches in their degree of ripeness and alcohol doubly distilled quality. The nose has a nice fresh fragrance of ripe fruit freshly picked from the tree. Its flavor is reminiscent of sweet peach jam but very lively and fruity on the palate. Ideal to take it only with ice, or to join with cocktails.

Alcohol: 20%.


Liquor made from the infusion of carefully selected hazelnuts, and alcohol of the highest quality in copper stills, following a traditional recipe. Very soft on the palate with notes of fresh roasted hazelnuts and almonds. Great aromatic intensity. To served very cold, ideal for carrying most exclusive cocktails.

Alcohol: 20%.


Liquor made from the maceration of essential oils of mint leaves. Its color is deep green as chlorophyll. It has the aroma and taste of fresh mint, bitting first, fiery and very refreshing after the end. Leaving a soft feeling of freshness. How to take: very cold with crushed ice or in cocktails.

Alcohol: 20%.


Excellent herbal liqueur produced in the traditional style of the monks according to the original recipe Guadalupense from S.s XVI.

Macerate in excellent spirits with a secret combination of flowers and herbs species collected in Guadalupe Sierra.